Payment Gateway Integration

  • You Buy payment gateway
  • We integrate with your store
  • Configure as per your requirement


Product Information

What is payment Gateway?

A payment gateway enables your customers to buy your products or service online by accepting their credit cards. Payment gateway implementation for the Small Business helps to cut down their costs by providing direct access to their products and services to customers. You need to buy payment gateway before implementation. Choising the right payment gateway help you to save money and keep your business running smoothly. Once you have chosen and purchases the payment gateway, integration to your online store / catalogue will be done by TruSmart Solutions with very affordable cost.

What are the Payments Gateways available in Market?

Before you start purchasing Payment Gateway, it is better to look which gateways are suitable to your shopping card. Our TruSmart Solutions consulting team will provide you FREE consultation for choosing right payment gateway for your store. Below list is some of widely used gateways:

  •  PayPal
  •  Verify
  •  Payza
  •  Perfect Money
  •  Egopay
  •  SecurePay
  •  Braintree

How to get SSL configured to your website?

Before applying or configuring SSL to your website, you need to purchase SSL certificate and it is digitally signed to your domain name. This purchase will renewed periodically, usually annually. TruSmar Solutions services help you to purchase, configure and URL rewriting to your website with Consultarive approach with very affordable price.

What is URL rewriting?

When you build website, your all URLs / Web links are dynamic. When Google search your Website, it will be difficult to rank the Dynamic URL. The page ranking can be achieved by rewriting your website URLs / Web links by static URL, these rewritten URLs will be search engine friendly and indexed much faster than dynamic URLs. TruSmart Solutions help you improve your website page ranking by rewriting URLs with the help of SEO expert.

What it cost me to purchase Payment Gateway?

Typically payment gateway provider will charge you one-time setup fee, monthly fee, and charge a small fee for each transaction processed. Compare the rates before you purchase the payment gateway.

How to integrate Payment Gateway?

Once you purchase payment gateway, you will be provided all the access and merchant account for integration to your shopping cart. TruSmart solutions team helps you integrate your payment gateway with your shopping card with very affordable cost. After the implementation, we test the transaction before going live. Then explain you how to monitor your online transactions.


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