About TSS

About TSS

TruSmart Solutions is an exclusive platform for emerging companies or small business for seeking technical personalized consultation/education.
TruSmart is an ISO certified company having 150+ customers in more than 32 states in the United States. During past several years of IT experience, we realized that the new emerging companies or small businesses with little or no technical knowledge face difficulty to find right IT consultant for website hosting, management and technical support.

Hence, TruSmart Solutions (TSS) a perfect platform for small businesses to get educated with all the services related to start their first website site at one place with personal technical consultation for Hosting the website, domain registration, Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, SSL, Website design with most popular CMS solutions like WordPress, Concrete5, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

As emerging company you can be a or in Health & Beauty, Retail & Life Style, Professional Services, Food & Dining, Leisure & Hospitality, Medical, Dental, Life Science or Non-profit, etc.

TruSmart Solutions offer following services to Small Business owner:

Avail Technical Consultation service from our experts : Our experts will educate or provide technical consultation service to small business owners related to start their first website site at one place with personal technical consultation.

5 Page responsive (mobile) web Site with 1 year free hosting : When starting new company, having your web presence will be the first point of contact with your potential customers. A web presence is great for small businesses as it can open up to a whole world of customers and visibility that you don’t get normally. A good mobile (responsive) website can rank in Google+. This means that your business will rank highly when people search for your niche service through Google search.

5 Page basic Mobile App iOS / Android, get delivered within 4 weeks only : When you are servicing your customer with your product and services, you can provide customer support tool through simple mobile app to make their life easier, by doing this you will be knowing your customer in real time to improve your service. This can be great reason why you should have mobile app.

Secure your web domain with SSL Configuration : For website owner of Small Businesses, security may not the first thought to their website until it is hacked. For any website from basic to eCommerce site, security is top priority. Using SSL certificate to your website helps that the data is securely transmitted between your visitor’s browser and its destination.

Payment Gateway Integration to your E-commerce website : A payment gateway enables your customers to buy your products or service online by accepting their credit cards. Payment gateway implementation for the Small Business helps to cut down their costs by providing direct access to their products and services to customers.

Integrate Shipping API with your website : The shipping API enables shipping functionality directly into your website or shopping cart act as automation tool for all shipping processes. Small Business user can utilize this powerful web-based automated shipping capability against manual traditional shipping methods. The shipping APIs are suitable for standalone e-commerce stores, marketplaces and platforms to offer your customers shipping flexibility and complementary shipping functions like tracking notifications, packing slips, custom forms.

Quick Book Integration : Standalone stores and websites who sell the products and services online need to maintain their accounts in accounting software like QuickBooks. With TruSmart solutions QuickBooks online integration, users can view any customer payment status and order history within QuickBooks without dual data entry.